NAI offers a full range of the highest quality poultry feeds for both broiler and layer farmers. With good farm and flock management, our feeds will give every farmer the performance they  require.

Broiler Feeds

broilerStarterMashSupreme Broiler Starter and Broiler Finisher offer world class broiler growth performance and feed conversion ratios ensuring healthier birds reaching market rate on schedule. Supreme Feeds additionally offers Supreme Super Broiler Starter for those farmers seeking even greater growth performances.


Layer Feeds

LayerMashSupreme Chick Mash, Grower Mash and Layer Mash offers the appropriate measured performance required by farmers to take the flock from day-old, into Lay and maintained through their laying life. Supreme Layer Mash can be trusted to achieve the lay rates required by Layer Farmers.


Premixes and Concentrates

ChickMashConcentrateFor our larger customers or customers wanting to produce their own feeds on farm, we offer a range of solutions from premixes and other feed additives to 50% Feed Concentrates across our entire feed range.



Oil Cakes

soyaCakeThrough our world class oil milling factory we produce the highest quality soya cake which is predominantly used in our own feed manufacturing processes, but through excess capacity is also offered to our esteemed customers who wish to manufacture their own feed on farm. Our customers who buy soya cake buy Supreme Feeds Quality and nothing less.