Outgrower Programmes


Clearing Land for Agriculture

From the initial commencement of its agri-processing activities, NAI has seen the need and had the desired to make an impact of the lives of small scale, subsistence farmers in and around the areas that the company operates as well as develop the local economy. It is through the development of out-grower schemes and providing a guaranteed market for agricultural produce for local farmers that the company has its greatest impact.

The out-grower scheme entails the support of small scale, previously subsistence farmers, who the company supports with mechanisation, advice and training. Through mechanisation farmers are better able to utilise the land available to them and are able to cultivate between 4 and 10 times the land they would be able to cultivate with their traditionally manual methods. Through advice and training they are additionally able to improve yields. Through the companies work with development partners and through the continuous improvement of its own agricultural activities, the company has seen a technology transfer to the local farmers adding to the improving returns experienced by them.

Through these schemes the company has been able to assist in the transformation of many subsistence farmers to the roles of small scale commercial farmers now generating improved disposable incomes, which has in turn led to the development and growth of the local economy.

Coupled with the benefit realised by the local farmers participating in the companies schemes, the company itself benefits from committed out-grower farmers through the more dependable supply of high quality commodities. By working directly with farmers, the company is able to cut out the many layers of middlemen and traders between the farmers and the end-users, thus enabling the company to enjoy a cost savings while the farmers themselves enjoy an improved unit return.