With our core business being animal feed production and agri-processing it is vitally important to our business that we focus on commercial agriculture and other agricultural activities in Nigeria to ensure high quality and well priced commodities are secured for our manufacturing activities. Without a well structured commodity market, the company has, in addition to its own agricultural activities, developed strong links and networks within the informal commodity markets to support its commodity trading and warehousing requirements.

As part of NAI’s social responsibility and local economy development commitments, the company supports various out-grower schemes, where local farmers are supported and enabled to cultivate significantly greater areas of land and achieve greater yields than they would normally through their traditional farming methods. NAI along with international development partners and programs have impacted thousands of local, small scale farmers by both enabling them in their agricultural activities as well as providing a guaranteed market for their produce.

NAI with its vast experience in commercial agriculture in Nigeria as well as other African countries, in addition to its desires to see strong agricultural development in Nigeria fuelling the supply of high quality commodities, has partnered with international seed companies to aid seed development in Nigeria through crop trials and seed multiplication. Through these partnerships NAI can make a positive impact on Nigeria, transfer improved technology to local farmers through its out-grower programs and benefit directly from improved commodity supply and more profitable agricultural activities.